children wall bed

This is a Patented Technology. Possession of infringed products is illegal and
will be liable to our legal action.

Hidden Wall Bed® is our registered trademark.

NEWS announcement

After our successful TV commercial on all Singapore TV channel in the recent 49th National Day 2014, we have been inundated with many enquiries on our HWB products.

HWB Singapore is so honored that others are using our “HWB” concept on their advertising campaign.

It demonstrates that they too believe that our Hidden Wall Bed (HWB) is the best space saving solution in the industry. It will greatly enhance HWB concept to be the leading brand name in Singapore and internationally.

When looking for a cost effective space saving bedding products, one must be reminded of the following good tips :

1)the mechanism must be of certified quality level and does not matter where it is made as long as it is a proven product. HWB pride itself that we have a patented technology for the product. It undergoes stringent out-going quality control at the factory where 100% source inspection is performed to ensure we delivered a very cost effective solution. To imply that our products are of poor quality if it is from low cost country is a misnomer as most products like Branded Goods, Apparel, Beds, Mattress, Toiletries Product, Electronic products, Electrical products, Home appliances (TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, lights, Fans, etc), including high technology products like Handphone, Note books, Laptop, Computers & ETC are also now made in these countries and the world is benefiting from it.

2) When buying hidden wall bed product, one must also look at the total finished installed products.
HWB has a team of workforce that is highly skilled and experienced to provide any on-site installation (including Show Flats, Hospital Projects and 6-star Hotel Projects) to the high satisfaction of home users
and corporate clients. We are now currently working with a partner in USA to expand our iconic brand name HWB into USA market very soon.

3) The mechanism can be made in any developed countries but it does not guarantee the quality is good. In fact it can only be costly and very expensive and is beyond the budget of most end consumers.

More importantly, if the site installation is of shoddy workmanship, it will negate the performance of any mechanism and the overall bedding products will not deliver true value for money space saving solution as promised.


NEWS No: (1)


As Seen and advertised on TV Channel 5, 8, U Channel,
Suria, Vasantham, XINMSN & TOGGLE
during NATIONAL DAY (NDP) on 9th AUGUST 2014.

NEWS No: (2)


Dear Customers,

This is an opportunity to enjoy discount up to S$300.

Simply subscribe and sign up to our HWB Youtube at
HiddenWallbed Channel:
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Each person needs to sign up on Youtube, Facebook & Support HWB Brand to be entitled to a maximum of S$300 discount voucher for use in Singapore Only.

Once you have subscribed, simply email us at
to log in your claim and furnish us hard copy of the email correspondence to get your discount voucher.

Terms & Condition Apply.

1)All HWB vouchers is not for sale and cannot be exchanged for CASH.
2)Can only be used for purchase of HWB-HiddenWallBed products up to a maximum of S$300 per bed.
3)To be used within the validity period.
4)Voucher holder must abide by the rules & regulation of HWB.
5)HWB has the right to make changes to the rules & regulation anytime without prior Notice.


NEWS No: (3)

Dear potential customers,
In conjunction with GREAT SINGAPORE SALE,

HWB would like to offer all customers with a discount of $138 for every unit of Hidden Wall Bed you purchase.

The offer of discount is till 31st JULY 2014.

NEWS No: (4)Opportunity to register with us. We would like to offer all existing identical Hiddenwallbed owners which previously did NOT BUY from our Company HWB Concept Marketing during the period 2009 to 2010 and from HWB concept Pte Ltd during the period 2010 till current, an opportunity to extend on Hiddenwallbed warranty up to 5 years from the date of purchase based on invoice presented. This is an opportunity to validate the use of the Hiddenwallbed product. Do kindly note that possession of infringed products is illegal and will be liable to legal action in court. The registration period is from 1st May 2013 to 31St July 2013 and we welcome all customers to seize this opportunity to register. Terms & conditions apply.
NEWS No: (5)
Goodies to our existing customer for our great achievement.

We would like to also extend to all Existing customers of Hiddenwallbed which has previously bought from HWB Concept marketing and HWB Concept Pte Ltd an automatic extension of the warranty period from 3 years to 5 years on manufacturing defects on the mechanism from date of invoice.