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HWB accepts credit cards from AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD, Union Pay & JCB.


These Hidden Wall Beds® are Patented Technologies. Possession of infringed products is illegal and will be liable to our legal action.

Hidden Wall Bed® is our registered trademark.

NEWS announcement

Since our television commercial on all broadcasting channels in Singapore on the 49th National Day of our nation in 2014, our customer base has rapidly boomed. We seek to build on existing ideas from our competitors by further enhancing the space-saving effect of our wall beds in Singapore with a sense of style and modernity to make room for more activities. Our research and observations have highlighted the relationship between space, man and living – which have been encapsulated in our hidden wall beds.

In fact, our concepts and ideals have even influenced the mission and vision of our competitors. We are excited to work together with our sister brands towards a space efficient and united Singapore. Soon, we look forward to expanding our space saving technologies beyond our national borders and attain transnational influence in the international market. HWB® has recently begun introducing its concept into the American market a midst aggressive competition with other furniture brands based on our discoveries and observations about space, man and living in Singapore, and we are excited to see what the future brings!

Thinking of giving HWB® ’s Hidden Wall Beds® a go? Here are some quick tips to choose the most space saving bed for your home:

1)The level of the foldable bed must be of certified quality level. HWB® takes pride in our unique patented technology for our exclusive foldable beds. All our products undergo stringent quality control at the HWB® warehouse – where they undergo meticulous inspection and careful supervision to ensure all foldable beds are of superb quality. We take full responsibility to ensure that all our products retain their excellent and exceptional quality.

2) When buying a HIDDEN WALL BED®, one must also consider the end-result. Our skilled team of experts at HWB® will safely and carefully construct your own foldable bed in no time.

3) Our reasonably prices hidden wall beds, installation services, and customer service are of top quality with a portfolio to prove it! When selecting a new hidden wall bed, one should always remember that money does not always buy quality. Choose HWB® for the best value for money hidden wall bed today!

Click here for the full list of our products.

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Our advertisements were aired on Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel U, Suria, Vasantham, XINMSN & TOGGLE
during the National Day 2014. Click on the video for a quick summary of our products!

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Dear Customers,

Want discounts up to S$300.

All you need to do is simply subscribe to our HWB® YouTube Channel and follow us on Facebook!

Guess what? You can enjoy additional discounts of S$100 by ‘liking’ and giving our YouTube video a Thumbs Up here! Promotions end on 23rd AUG 2014.

Please note that all discounts are only for use in Singapore only.

Once you have subscribed, simply email us at for instructions to collect your discount vouchers!

Terms & Condition Apply.

1) All HWB vouchers not exchangeable.
2) All HWB® vouchers can only be used for purchase of Hidden Wall Bed® products. Discounts are limited to a maximum of S$300 per bed.
3) All HWB® vouchers have to be used within the validity period.
4) All voucher holders must abide by the rules & regulation of HWB® .
5) HWB® has the right to make changes to the rules & regulation anytime without prior notice.


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Dear customers,
It’s that time of the year again – The Great Singapore Sale is Finally here!
HWB would like to offer all customers with a discount of $138 for every purchased unit of Hidden Wall Bed® before 31st JULY 2014.

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Here’s a chance to extend your warranty!

If you’ve bought a hidden wall bed for us after 2010, you’re in luck! HWB® is offering a chance for all customers who have bought hidden wall beds from 2011 onwards to extend their warranty by 5 years from the date of purchase.
Register with us by between 1st May and 31st July 2013. Hurry! Seize this one-time opportunity before it’s gone.
Please kindly note that possession of infringed
products is illegal and will be liable to legal action in court.
Terms & conditions apply.

NEWS No: (5)

Extend your warranty with us today!

To celebrate HWB® ’s achievements thus far, the HWB® team would like to offer an automatic warranty extension from 3 years to 5 years for manufacturing defects on all HWB® products from date of invoice to all our existing customers.

Thanks for taking your time viewing our Website.

  • Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Price stated fit maximum up to 5" mattress only in full white range.
  • Price stated does not include delivery & installation charges.
  • Promotion valid till 28/02/2013