Terms And Conditions Of Product Delivery

Please take note of the following:

  1. Site Measurement is required for confirmation of Basic Product Range.
  2. Basic Product Range does not include any modification of Basic Set. Modification of Basic Set is subject to additional charges. (Modified to suit to the Home Top & Side Pillar.)
  3. HWB bed frame will stay & hold at any position when hands are release subject to our recommended maximun weight load.
  4. Factory Mattress Weight Recommendation For V & H series 938 – Maximum of 27 Kg, V & H series 1080 – Maximum of 33 Kg , V & H series 1538 – Maximum of 40Kg.
  5. Upon comfirmation order a Minimum of 35% Deposit is required .
  6. Estimated delivery date : 10 to 15 days upon final site measurement confirmation – subject to stock availability.
  7. Safety Instructions – DO NOT Stand infront of Bed LEGS & DO NOT put your Hands on the Bed LEGS while Opening Up & Closing of the HiddenWallBed.
  8. Warranty:
    5 YEARS ONLY – on Piston Mechanism; on Manufacture Defects. 
    Lifetime warranty – on Metal frame; on wielding.
  9. All HWB HiddenWallbed V & H series is Essential to mount with recommended anchor bolts ( wall plug with nuts)
  10. A LED TV 42” can also be mounted to our Hiddenwallbed products without any problem Watch video. Link:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHqbSJNFhPo
  11. Deposit will not be refunded upon confirmation of order.
  12. Free Servicing and Transportation within first 10 days after Goods delivered & installed if required.
  13. For more information, please log in to our Website: www.hiddenwallbed.com. Or call 64671101
  14. Any additional weight on front panel after installation must be within our recommanded weight; and rebalancing of addition weight will be subject to charges.
  15. During installation mattress must be around on installation day by 12 p.m for balancing. If mattress not around on installation day, balancing to be done on another day a labour fee of $180 will be charge for next trip.

Dimension on Basic Range Sets


H Series Dimension Size:

HWB-H1080 ~ 410X1285X2050mm     SUPER SINGLE SIZE

HWB-H1500 ~ 410X1750X2050mm     QUEEN SIZE

V Series Dimension Size:

HWB-V938   ~ 410X1038X2110mm     SINGLE SIZE

HWB-V1080 ~ 410X1180X2110mm     SUPER SINGLE SIZE

HWB-V1538 ~ 410X1638X2110mm     QUEEN SIZE

Dimension & Weight on Mattress for BASIC Range Sets

H Series Mattress Size :

HWB-H1080 ~ 180X1070X1900mm Recommended max. 35 KG

HWB-H1500 ~ 180X1520X1900mm Recommended max. 45 KG

V Series Mattress Size :

HWB-V938   ~ 180X910X1900mm   Recommended max. 30 KG

HWB-V1080 ~ 180X1070X1900mm Recommended max. 35 KG

HWB-V1538 ~ 180X1520X1900mm Recommended max. 45 KG

Warranty: 5 YEARS ONLY – on Piston Mechanism; on Manufacture Defects.

Step and Procedure and Safety Precaution