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Hidden Beds That’ll Transform Any Space In Singapore

Discover a new way to live. HiddenWallBed’s space saving solutions help you make the most of even the smallest space. Lending a bright, airy and spacious look to even the most modest HDB homes, our wall beds effortlessly fold into an attractive, seamless wall unit. Multiply space in your home with our H and V-Series and discover a new way to live.

Customisable to fit any shape, size and décor of home, our hideaway loft beds are the perfect choice for apartment living. Browse our range of sofa beds, bunk beds and single and double deck beds for adult and children of all ages today and discover space you never knew existed.

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Hidden Wall Beds for Adults and Children in Singapore

The H and V-Series offers a simple and elegant solution to multiplying space within your home. Working on a patented hinges, our designs effortlessly unfold into a soft and comfortable loft bed. During the day, they can be neatly tucked away to give you extra space. Fully customisable to any ceiling height, our single and double deck designs will blend into the walls of your room, when not in use.


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children wall bed

Our loft beds are the star attraction in many HDB homes

Looking for way to save space? We all want a comfortable night’s rest, but many of us live in such small accommodation that we need every square metre. Use each and every part of your apartment with help from HWB. Our cleverly designed single and double deck units are perfect for anywhere.

When you’ve home from the HWB Hub Showroom and your head is buzzing with ideas about how to design your next place, think about all that you could do with one of our fold-up adult’s or children’s wall beds. Able to be customised to suit different ceiling heights and any the dimensions of your home, and available in a wide variety of formats like sofa and bunk beds, they’re the flexible choice for any property.

Custom designed vertical, horizontal and fold-down sofa beds

Our company believes that form and function are equally important. Having a product that functions well and looks terrible, or works awfully while looking great are both equally bad. That’s why we worked hard to ensure that every product that leaves the HWB Hub Showroom is perfect in look and operation. Offering a wide range of finishes to suit any décor, and in different sizes for children and adults, they smoothly disappear into tailored shelving, desks or cupboards, looking like they were never there.

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To find out more about our range, call (65) 6467 1101 or visit our YouTube channel where we have over 300 videos. You will find many videos showing our beds in action in HDB homes. View them for a better idea!