About Hidden Wall Bed®

We Began Since 2008

Founded in 2008, HWB® Hidden Wall Bed®  was originally founded in Singapore by a team of liked-minded interior design experts who passionately aspire to use space-efficient and space saving furniture to address land constraint and overcrowding in Singapore.

HIDDEN WALL BED® strives to retain the contemporary edge and functional utility of its products even in the competitive Singaporean market. Elsewhere, hidden wall beds are recognized as Hidden Bed, Murphy’s Bed, Hide Away Bed in the US and Wall Bed, Fold up beds in the UK. However, HIDDEN WALL BED® has adopted, adapted and localized the concept of space-saving hidden wall beds from all over the globe to meet the needs of our local population in Singapore.

Since our founding in 2008, HIDDEN WALL BED® strives to preserve its iconic brand name and philosophy in the manufacturing and entrepreneurial industry for years to come.

The Story Behind Hidden Wall Bed’s Name

HWB® founders initially did a Google and Yahoo search in 2008 and could not find anything related to Hidden Wall Bed.
However, there were results for Hidden Beds, Murphy Beds and Hide Away Beds. Furthermore, they were manufactured in Western countries. These manufacturers often coined the beds as Wall Beds, Space Saving Beds, Fold Up Beds & so on.

Companies in the United States were calling the concept of hideaway beds Hidden Bed, and the companies in Europe were calling it Wall Bed.

After a lengthy discussion about this concept, the HWB® founders combined both and proudly created Hidden Wall Bed®, which is HWB® for short.
Both HWB® and Hidden Wall Bed® have registered Trademark brands until this day.

In 2009, the founders of Hidden Wall Bed® submitted a trademark request for the name of Hidden Wall Bed®.

Subsequently, in 2013, Hidden Wall Bed® was officially granted the Trademark Certificate of Hidden Wall Bed®. This was granted as Hidden Wall Bed had a solid track record of being in the hidden bed industry for 3 years.

Fast forward till today, the term “Hidden Wall Bedis often used by many businesses in the hidden bed industry. We are flattered that many businesses or competitors in the same industry has decided to adopt Hidden Wall Bed® in their marketing collateral.

Hidden Wall Bed’s Values

Trademarked Brand

Hidden Wall Bed® (or HWB, for convenience) retails Hidden beds, Wall beds, Space-Saving beds, Concealed beds, Fold-Up beds and Hideaway Beds. HWB is also affiliated with several companies registered with the Account Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA).

HWB® is at the forefront of space-saving technology, furniture and solutions.  Since our founding in 2008, we established a reputable name for our reliable and trustable products that have earned a near 100% customer satisfaction. Head over to our Facebook page to hear from our happy customers.


In-House Research and Development

We started off with R&D work in 2008 and pinpointed key issues and possible solutions for a more space-efficient Singapore. These findings spearheaded our first batch of space-saving hidden wall beds which made its way to the retail market in second half of 2009. Since then, we continue to improve and innovate the quality and safety of our products in the hope of attaining a more space-efficient Singapore using space saving technologies.

Since 2008, we have continued to adapt our mechanism and designs to meet local demands and meet the logistical needs of the majority of the population.

Lifetime Warranty for Frame

Over the years, we have attained a reputable portfolio for our designs. Our designs continue to satisfy numerous customers with various concerns and demands.

Hidden Wall Bed has the utmost confidence in the reliability of our products. We have since increased our piston warranty to 5 years and our steel metal frame mechanism to a lifetime warranty.

Find out more about how HIDDEN WALL BEDS®  can change your Life.