children wall bed

Our History

HWB® Hidden Wall Bed® NAME was originally founded in 2008 in SINGAPORE by a team of liked-minded Singaporeans who passionately believe in space saving bedding solution in land constraint Singapore.

IN 2008 the google and yahoo search then did not show any SINGLE COMPANY called HIDDEN WALL BED®.

In USA they are known as Hidden Bed, Murphy’s Bed, Hide Away Beds and in UK they are known as Wall Bed, Fold up beds.

In SINGAPORE, we creatively establish HIDDEN WALL BED® and that iconic brand name has been known in the industry for the past 5 years to make our VERY OWN SINGAPORE BRAND HWB HIDDEN WALL BED® to what is it TODAY.

Our Company

HWB is Hidden Wall Bed® which includes Hidden Bed, Wall Bed, Space Saving bed, Conceal bed, Fold Up bed and Hide away Bed.

HWB is also affiliated with several companies registered with ACRA which includes  Wall Bed , Singapore Wall Bed, Singapore Hidden Bed ,  Space Saving Bed,  Singapore Space Saving Bed, Singapore Hidden wall Bed, Hidden Bed Concept & Design, Wall Bed Concept & design, Space Saving Bed Concept & design, Hidden Bed in Singapore, Wall Bed in Singapore, Hidden Wall Bed in Singapore, Space Saving Singapore, etc…………

HWB® is a leader in space saving solution in the area of bedding furniture.  Since our inception in 2008, we have been noted to provide a reliable and trusted products that meet the needs of typical Singapore home owner in solving their space constraint problem.

We started off with the R&D work in 2008 and in second half of 2009, we started to launch & sell our hidden wall bed products. Since then, from feedback received from installed customers & carpenter designers, we have been constantly innovating to improve our quality & safety of our products.

We have made some changes to our mechanism & the design to suit local Singapore Standard & requirement by catering to customers’ request to use their own mattress of any brand.

Over the years, we have installed many hidden wall beds catering to a wide range of home needs in various type of household and has built up a strong track record that is second to none in the marketplace.

The strong confidence we have in our product reliability has enable us now to increase our piston Warranty to 5 years and on the steel metal frame mechanism (welding only) , we can even warranty it for life.

Why Choose Hidden Wall Bed®