Why Choose Hidden Wall Bed®

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hidden Wall Bed


Caters to All Sizes

We offer the best Hidden Wall Beds in Singapore. As specialist in hidden wall beds, we cater to Singapore Standard size beds. You can use any standard size mattress from 4” to 11”. No other products in the market meets the local standard bed size. For international markets, we provide customized sizes as well if the sufficient quantity requirement is met (up to maximum approx. 70kg)


modern Beds with space saving solutions

 We have partnered with many interior designers and contractors projects to install just our beds. The surrounding cabinets, tables and so on will be furnished by the interior designers & contractors.
Our freshly designed modern-looking beds are bound to wow you!

More space for family gatherings

When you use our Hidden Wall Beds, you never need to worry about space again. With our simple retraction mechanism, you can hide your beds when they are not in use.
As a result, whenever you have guests over at your home, your home will have way more space than before!


Don’t you find it a hassle to clean areas near your bed? At times where dust is being collected under the bed, it is always a hassle to clean that area.

Now with Hidden Wall Bed, you never have to worry about this problem ever again. Once you hide your bed, you can have full access to cleaning the area under the bed.


Whenever your guest beds are no longer in use, you never have to worry about any dust being collected ever again.
By keeping your hidden bed with our piston mechanism, dust will not be accumulated underneath the bed according to customer Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang.


You can open HIDDEN WALL BED® at any angle and it stays in that position/angle when hands-free. Even at 20 to 30 degrees from the floor, the bed still holds and will not slam and damage your floor.


For cleanliness purpose, HIDDEN WALL BED® is designed to consist of a catch that holds the bed (Called Airing Point) at 80 degrees vertical where the bed, mattress and pillows can be aired to remove any body odour and hair smell. HWB® Airing Point can be held for as long as you desire and this can be easily closed for more space.


Even a 5-year-old kid can lift our wall beds with one finger. Any elderly who are aged 70 to 90 years old can use the walking stick or umbrella to hook up easily without stress. Other Brands’ beds can only be lifted up by an adult using both hands and are not ideal for kids as their beds are too heavy and bad for the spine of an elderly.


Our HIDDEN WALL BED® products are made of strong metal frame and can withstand repeated jumping on the bed by children or even an adult person weighing 80 kg, jumping on the bed is not a problem.
Watch our video of how a 80kg man is jumping on our bed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVt-tgiPHa8



HWB® comes with a 80 degrees headboard for you to lean comfortably to relax, read or even watch television. There are some other wall beds that do not have any headboard that allows relaxation leaning. This means there will be a Gap/ Hole which can be dangerous for young kids when jumping on the bed.
A 42” LED TV can also be mounted to HIDDEN WALL BED® products. Watch how you can do so here:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHqbSJNFhPo



HIDDEN WALL BED® mechanisms & legs come with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects & pistons 5 years warranty on manufacturing defects. When the HWB beds air pistons fail, there is a signal to inform you. From there, you can call us for change of faulty air pistons.

Leader and Pioneer of Hidden Wall Beds

Make the smart choice. Choosing the right bed for your house can help you open up your home and get more use out of your space.

HIDDEN WALL BED® is a leader in space saving solution in the area of bedding furniture. Since our inception in 2008, we have been noted to provide a reliable and trusted products that meet the needs of solving space constraints.